Roman Reigns’ announcement that he has leukemia and must vacate the Universal Championship to fight the disease was a bombshell announcement that nobody was prepared for. But in WWE, who knew what he was going to say?
Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio that he had called previously in the day to check up on the rumors of Roman being injured to which he received replies saying that the subject will be addressed on the show. Therefore, it’s exactly unclear how deep the information got backstage, but he expanded on when the locker room found out.

“As far as the talent goes, I’m sure the talent learned when he gave the speech, I’m pretty sure of that. Creative knew that there was an issue obviously because they had to redo the show. So they knew that there was an issue.”

Meltzer didn’t want to guess if creative knew the exact reason for the changes on Raw this week, but they knew that they had to change the show. So there were those backstage who “knew something was up,” but they didn’t know exactly what.
It was noted that Roman Reigns will work on raising money for leukemia research and use his celebrity status to get more exposure as well. But the most important thing is that he has to fight leukemia and beat it.
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