Daniel Bryan won a chance to face AJ Styles at WWE Crown Jewel after he defeated The Miz in 2 minutes at Australia’s Super Show-Down. So the WWE Championship will be defended in Saudi Arabia but fans have widely focused on the event’s location and the current controversies surrounding the host country.
Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio that a possible way WWE could book Crown Jewel might be with the intention of winning some fans back if they go ahead and pull a title switch in Saudi Arabia.

“They may go in there and say, ‘Let’s put the title on Bryan because we need to do something to make people happy and distract them from whatever the Hell the rest of the aspects of that show. I think there’s probably a mentality there that would be like, ‘Well, if we give them a Daniel Bryan win maybe they’ll be happy and they won’t complain that we did this show.’ Who knows? Who knows about their booking.”

Possibly WWE is thinking that if they give the title to Daniel Bryan at Crown Jewel then they could write their history to highlight his win and Shawn Michaels’ return?
Whatever the reason, it’s still an interesting idea and you have to admit that even if you’re violently opposed to WWE holding the Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia and Daniel Bryan wins the WWE Championship during that show that you’re likely going to at least check it out online.
Only time will tell how WWE will book the Crown Jewel event but it’s almost like they’re booking themselves into a political corner and the love that fans have for Daniel Bryan might just be enough in their minds to help pull them out of the sticky situation they’ve found themselves in.
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