Ronda Rousey killed her promo on Raw this week. She must have remembered every word WWE’s writers handed her because she sure said a lot and some of it was obviously given for her to read. But even with the insults to Nikki Bella on behalf of John Cena, or about him at least — now fans have a brand new reason to see WWE Evolution because Nikki not only wants Rousey’s title but she also wants to scratch her eyes out for calling her a DNB. (On a side note, kudos to the WWE writer who figured out that Bella and B*tch started with the same letter so they could play off the DNB).
But no matter how much fans might want to see this match go down at this point, or they just want it to be over with so Nikki Bella will hopefully leave again because she has an insane amount of heat that might be a little X-Pac-ish, Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that he hadn’t heard the initial main event announcement for Evolution helped ticket sales much.

“Obviously the ticket sales have been very disappointing for the show but that was as of a week ago. But I didn’t hear anyone say that anything moved this week once they announced the Ronda match.”

Nikki Bella has it coming to her and fans really want to see Ronda Rousey twist her arm off. Their interaction on Raw this week really helped raise interest for their match which will headline Evolution, but only time will tell if WWE will be selling out their first-ever all-female pay-per-view or if they’ll have to break out the tarps to cover some empty sections of seats.
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