Kevin Owens and Bobby Lashley took part in a very rare moment that you don’t see very often in pro wrestling when both men completed double turn. After the match, there was a beatdown that left Owens needing to be carried off after his knees took a lot of post-match damage.
John Pollock of Post Wrestling reports that they were informed that last night’s angle to wrap Kevin Owens’ legs around a post was not just a way to turn Bobby Lashley heel. It was also done as a means to write KO off of television because he needs minor knee surgery.
Of course, Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that this also had all the classic signs of an angle but it could still keep KO off of television for a bit.
WWE has booked angles before where an attack was focused on the body part of a wrestler that needed surgery like when Roman Reigns whacked Braun Strowman in the elbow with a chair because he needed to take time off to have an arm procedure done so it falls in line with what they’ve done before.
Hopefully, Kevin isn’t hurt too bad if he is indeed injured. It was noted that the idea is that Owens won’t miss too much time off so it isn’t said to be anything major. Then again, this could all just be part of the storyline but he did quit a few weeks ago and come back to work an angle with Lashley that resulted in last night’s double turn.

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