Dinner With the King Recap – Working with Jim Ross & Mauro Ranallo, Was Ross’ Drafting to Smackdown A Rib? Will Lawler Be At Smackdown 1000? More!

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Lawler opens today’s show by informing that he visited the old Mid South Coliseum this past week. It brought back a lot of great memories for him, as that building was the home of many of his wrestling shows in the 70s and 80s. It saddens him that with all the history that took place within those walls, the building is just left unoccupied now.

He thinks it would be great for someone to clean up the building and set up some sort of a museum there. It would probably costs millions of dollars to get the building in the kind of shape that would be required to accommodate events, but some sort of walk-in museum would be much cheaper to accomplish. He thinks fans would love to walk through the old coliseum and stand where all the legends of the past once stood.

Lawler informs that he’ll be travelling to New York for Comic Con this upcoming weekend. He’s really excited about it because it’s one of the biggest Comic Cons in the world. He notes that other WWE Superstars such as Lita, Christian and Sting will also be there.

Lawler mentions that he recently reached out to WWE Executive Producer, Kevin Dunn, to see if he’ll be invited to Smackdown 1000 in a couple of weeks. Dunn responded with, “I can’t imagine you not being there.” Lawler says he hopes to be invited and he’d love to reunite with Jim Ross again.

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