Big Cass Says Fans Don’t Deserve To Hear The Truth About His WWE Release


Big Cass was a heel when he exited WWE as he battled with Daniel Bryan. He wasn’t quite the same performer as he was when he destroyed his knee on the day after SummerSlam last year, but he was still doing what he could to bring heat on himself. Sadly, he apparently drew heat on himself backstage which led to his WWE release.

There are plenty of stories going around about why Big Cass was cut loose. He wasn’t wished the best in his future endeavors on WWE’s website either which is also very interesting and could be a sign of discontent.

But Big Cass, now Big C took the mic at a recent indie show he was booked on to not only get a bunch of heat, but also leave fans wondering exactly what happened. He said that he’s heard all of the stories and while some of them are true others are not. But only 3 people will ever know why he was fired and the other 2 people who were in the room aren’t talking.

He then proceeded to tease fans about a big reveal but then turned full heel once again and said the fans didn’t deserve to know the reason. Of course, you never know with this sort of thing but it certainly seemed like enough to get the local crowd to boo him.

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