X-Pac opens today’s show by discussing the NWA, and their recently announced NWA National Championship tournament. X-Pac says he was asked to compete in that tournament but he hasn’t accepted that offer yet. He notes that he likes to feel prepared physically and mentally before accepting that kind of booking, where a large audience will be watching. He informs that he was also approached to be a part of the Battle Royale at ALL IN, but turned down that offer for similar reasons.
He admits that he’d love to face Cody Rhodes for the NWA Title in his mind, but he’d have to have a bunch of singles matches before ever considering that in order to ensure that he’s up to speed and able to have a great match with Cody. Nick Aldis asked him about a potential match between them when he still held the NWA Title, and while X-Pac seriously considered it, he didn’t think he could do that match justice at the time so he turned it down.

X-Pac comments on the upcoming match between Triple H and Undertaker, which will feature the return of Shawn Michaels as well. He notes that Michaels was involved in an in-ring physical confrontation on RAW this past week and that was the first time we’ve seen Michaels do anything like that on WWE programming in years.
As usual, Michaels commanded the microphone during his promo, even thought the dialogue in the promo was “typical” and nothing to write home about. He notes that this whole situation looks like it’ll lead to a tag team match between Michaels/Triple H & The Brothers of Destruction.
He thinks this whole storyline is a huge deal, and regardless the outcome of the match on Oct. 6th, these four guys are master storytellers and it should be fun to watch.

X-Pac welcomes Scott Norton to the show.
Norton talks about his relationship with Road Warrior Hawk. He notes that he actually grew up and went to school with Hawk. He says Hawk was a great guy and it’s terrible that he’s not with us today. He notes that if you were Hawk’s friend you were his best friend, and he was a friend like no other.
Norton admits that working for WCW during the same time he worked in Japan was crazy and tough. He would do a 3-week tour in Japan and then come home to the United States and go to work for WCW as a member of the NWO. He was very lucky because he was working in front of sold out crowds in Japan and then he’d come back to North America and would go right on Monday Nitro as part of one of the biggest factions of all time. He says he was very lucky and was simply in the right place at the right time.

Norton points out that that X-Pac had a great run as well. X-Pac agrees that he had a great career and he’s quite happy with it, even though he admits that he cut his own run short.
Norton informs that he trained non-stop for a couple of years to become an arm wrestling champion. His training consisted of chest, back and shoulder workouts. He’d also do forearm and gripping exercises as well as leg workouts. He’d spread all of those exercises out throughout the week. He notes that the money wasn’t that good but he really loved it. His longest arm wrestling match lasted around 3 minutes.

Norton says that Big Show was a super athlete and he had amazing potential as an arm wrestler. He remembers wrestling Big Show one night and he did a kip-up. It was remarkable to see a man of his size execute such an acrobatic move.
Norton is asked why he has never had an action figure. He says he has no idea, but he knows that just because you’re a big star in Japan doesn’t mean you’re going to get an action figure. The Japanese wrestling companies often push the Japanese stars more, so those performers are more likely to have action figures.

He mentions that he’s working an upcoming tag match with X-Pac. He loves being around the guys now and although they mightn’t tear the house down like they used to, it’s still going to be fun. X-Pac laughs and says they’re still going to tear the house down. Both men are really looking forward to working with each other.
Norton admits that wrestling is hell, and it’s really hard on your body. He notes that a wrestler’s mindset never changes, but at some point you just need to realize that you need to slow down. He thinks all wrestlers have their aches and pains, but that’s just part of it and complaining doesn’t do anyone any good.
That sums up this week’s episode of X-Pac 1, 2, 360. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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