Alexa Bliss is set to face Trish Stratus at WWE Evolution on October 28th just days before the rest of the WWE roster takes off to Saudi Arabia without the women for the Crown Jewel event. But Bliss’ match against Trish is absolutely something she wanted… she just never asked for it.
Bliss recently spoke to Alex McCarthy about her upcoming match and explained why she might be getting this opportunity. After all, she is no longer a champion and didn’t get to face Stratus in January with the rest of the WWE Women’s Division, so it only seems fair enough to allow this dream match to take place this time around.

“I saw it on Twitter like everyone else. I saw it pop up on Twitter, the graphic and I was like, ‘oh someone Photoshopped that.’ I thought it was Photoshopped and then I saw WWE tweet it a short time after and I was like, ‘oh my gosh!'”
“I see all the tweets where people are saying they would rather it be other Superstars. This, that, and the other. It wasn’t anything I asked for because I don’t like to ask for things. I like to have to have the opportunity present itself and take advantage of it.”
“You know the company, they’re not going to — if I knew I could have asked for a match with Trish I would have asked for it a long time ago. I would have been like as soon as I walked in the door: ‘can I have a match with Trish Stratus?'”
“I’ve very grateful for the opportunity at Evolution and to be in the ring with Trish and you know everyone’s had that opportunity already to be in the ring with her because the Woman’s Royal Rumble, we weren’t a part of it — yeah. Charlotte and I weren’t a part of it, we were holding titles and you know my thing is that I know certain people wanted the match and the audience wanted them to have that match but they’ve already had that opportunity and they got to be in the ring with her and I’m just grateful that it’s my turn now. To have that opportunity, it’s just going to be awesome.”

It seems like Bliss has a point because so many people did get to work with Trish Stratus during the Women’s Royal Rumble. But only time will tell if this dream of Alexa Bliss’ will turn out the way she imagined it would once WWE Evolution comes around. After all, Stratus isn’t likely going to go down without a fight.

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