Mae Young Classic Competitor Asks Fans To Stop Blowing Up Her Phone

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The Mae Young Classic and bring any number of the 32 competitors in the tournament into the WWE Universe’s attention. Although she didn’t pull down the big W, Xia Brookside, daughter of WWE Performance Center coach and veteran pro wrestler Robbie Brookside is learning the hard way just how passionate some fans can be.

Apparently, Xia’s actual phone number is floating around there on social media. We don’t know where it’s posted because we haven’t looked for it. After all, if she wanted someone to call or text her, she would probably give it to someone. But some fans are pretty outgoing when it comes to approaching their favorite wrestlers.

Brookside sent out a tweet to tell fans that this is not okay in the nicest way possible. We will make it even more clear, if you have Xia Brookside’s phone number and she doesn’t know about it you probably shouldn’t be texting or calling her because it’s kind of creepy.

“Ok, can someone please let me know how y’all are getting my number?” Xia asked on Twitter. “Also please don’t text/call me. I’m very interactive with fans through DM and tweets.”

She even included a couple friendly emojis to help make her point. Hopefully, these intrusive fans will get the message. After all, she was really trying to be nice about it because nobody wants to have to change their phone number to keep their phone from ringing all the time.

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