Lillian Garcia welcomes Becky Lynch to the show.
Garcia congratulates Lynch on her Smackdown Women’s Championship. Lynch says she’s much more comfortable with the role of Champion this time around. She says that when she was the Champion the first time she had an apologetic nature; she felt the need to almost apologize to people for the fact that she was the Champion and she’s not sure why that was. She was overly nice and was afraid to step on people’s toes, and she doubted if she was good enough to hold it.
She points out that at Survivor Series she was the Smackdown Live Women’s Champion but Nikki Bella was named team Captain, and that bothered her a bit. She loves Nikki and appreciates her role in the business, but she didn’t understand why the Champion wasn’t the team captain.

This time around there’s none of that doubt. She’s not sure how much of a role the WWE Universe played in her Title win but she knew that the audience wanted her to be the Champion at this point, and that certainly helped her confidence.
Lynch informs that when she was brought into WWE developmental and NXT she was somewhat broken and had confidence issues because she hadn’t wrestled much leading up to that point. She points out that Dusty Rhodes quickly became a big fan of hers because he found polished talents boring. He loved to work with talents where he knew he’d be able to uncover something or bring out a new part of that performer, and that was the case with Lynch.

When she was brought up to the main roster she went to Smackdown Live and the rest of the 4 Horsewomen went to RAW. She points out that maybe she was too worried about making everyone happy and trying to work as a team, when in reality she should have stood up and took what she wanted. She points out that when talents  stand up for themselves and work towards a certain goal, they all elevate each other to another level.
Lynch talks about her friendship with Charlotte. She points out that when they were split up at the 2016 draft they both cried because they didn’t want to be separated. They’re great friends and were happy to be reunited on Smackdown as of late. She thinks the WWE Universe are getting behind her this time around because it’s a relatable story where the beautiful, naturally-gifted Superstar takes on the girl who’s scratched and clawed since day one for this opportunity.

She also points out the audience is somewhat split between her and Charlotte because both competitors are right in their opinions, and that’s what makes it so personal. She says that while Charlotte was out she became the go-to woman on Smackdown Live, but when Charlotte came back she was quickly pushed to the back of the line again. Even her Title match against Carmella at SummerSlam quickly became a triple threat with Charlotte included. She admits she would have preferred to have a singles match for the Title at SummerSlam.

Lynch informs that headlining Evolution & WrestleMania are huge goals for her. Garcia points out that someone like Ronda Rousey might have something to say about that. Lynch says that there’s no denying the success Rousey has had in her career, but the majority of that success was in UFC. She points out that nothing beats experience, and she left home at 15 to become a professional wrestler.
She’s worked all over the world and overcame the odds time and time again to have an opportunity to main event these shows. She adds that she’d love to face Rousey at some point in the future. If they’re both still holding the Titles by Survivor Series we might see that match, and then we’ll finally see which armbar is the best.

Lynch mentions that at one point she stopped wrestling because her mom wanted her to get a real job. She became a flight attendant and her mom was very proud of her for that, but it simply wasn’t the life for her. She received an opportunity to tryout for WWE and it was something she couldn’t turn down. The rest is history.
That sums up this week’s episode of Chasing Glory. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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