James Storm only spent a small amount of time in NXT before he left and decided to give TNA another try. Of course, reforming Beer Money didn’t last too long either because Bobby Roode soon took off to NXT and later WWE as well. So that didn’t seem to work out for Beer Money, but you never know what could be around the corner.
Storm recently appeared on Busted Open Radio where he discussed his reasoning for such a short stay in NXT his first time around. It seems that he had other issues besides being a WWE Superstar.

“I went down to NXT and talked to [Triple H] and then I went back again and had another match with them and Impact had put an offer out on me and so did NXT, but you know I even actually sst down with Hunter and had the contract with me and was like you know ‘this is what Impact is offering and everything.’”
“And tell you the truth it wasn’t even about the money because I told him the situation that a lot of people don’t know about is that me and my wife was trying to have another kid, and it was just one of those deals where if you’re with WWE you might as well forget it, you’re on the road so much.”
“He was telling me that they were gonna run a 100-125 dates with NXT and I was explaining to him about my personal life; was trying to have a baby and everything right now and he basically told me ‘look, go get your life straight and then get yourself in the best shape you can and in two years let’s see if when can do business again.”

Things could always be turning around for James Storm and WWE so fans shouldn’t lose hope just yet. After all, he recently posted a pretty big tease that a WWE return could be in the cards.
It’s been said that Storm’s first entrance music was supposed to be the music that AJ Styles has made famous, and if you listen to it you can see how it could fit Storm as well as Styles. Perhaps one day we’ll see a WWE return, but right now Storm is still working the road like a madman.

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