Becky Lynch’s New Boyfriend Getting A Little Handsy In Public


Becky Lynch is the current SmackDown Women’s Champion but she’s also got a lot going on in her personal life as well. She isn’t dating UFC fighter, Luke Sanders, any more and as we previously reported she has a new boyfriend in television personality Jeff Dye.

Lynch and Dye are obviously doing very well as you can see by this photo snapped of them while they were out in public recently. They are very close in this photo and apparently, Dye’s hands were cold because they found themselves down the back of Lynch’s pants.

We’re happy for both Lynch and Dye as they are obviously happy with each other. But you can’t blame Dye for being a little handsy because he hardly ever sees his WWE Superstar girlfriend. After all, they did seem to start getting serious as she picked up the title.

Either way, you can check out the photo below to see what we’re talking about.

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