SmackDown Live Superstar Cesaro was just interviewed by Adam Pacitti of Cultaholic. During their interview, Cesaro addressed the beach ball incident back at SummerSlam 2017 and talked teaming with Sheamus and Kassius Ohno.
Cesaro opened the interview by talking about a potential reunion with former teammate Kassius Ohno, as Ohno is back with WWE.

“If the time is right, yeah definitely. I’m having too much fun right now teaming with Sheamus, so let’s just see how long that works for- and it seems like it’s gonna work forever because we’re like brothers now. We just constantly give each other crap and hang out, watch football and play video games. The beauty of that is that you legit saw from when we were opponents to where we are now, and it’s like, yeah, that was the story and we were fighting one another and we became a tag team- but you saw the evolution from us starting as a team and kinda finding our way to being The Bar…but we were always The Bar. Now we are just like this well-oiled machine and that was the time when we became really good friends.”

On that note, the “Swiss Superman” was asked if he feels this is the happiest he has been throughout his entire WWE career.

“Yes, definitely. That has a lot to do with Sheamus and also the part that I’ve been here for quite a bit now, and you enjoy it, you know? Have fun. It’s cool to be part of a team. If one of us has a bad day the other one is always there to pick him up or just make more fun of him and make him more miserable…which just makes it more fun again. So just this great brotherly thing we have going on.”

Finally, Cesaro recalled the incident that took place at SummerSlam 2017 when he jumped into the crowd to tear apart a beach ball as he and Sheamus took on Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. This incident also led to WWE banning beach balls and other inflatable products from their events.

“Here’s the thing-whatever happened, I was just proud of myself. That was that one moment when you’re like ‘No, no! This is- not on my watch!’ It was awesome, man. It was cool walking back, and people were like ‘Yeah! We were all hoping you’d do it.’ It was just a good moment and it lives on forever. I was actually pitching [a] no beach ball Cesaro shirts like the day after. Now we have this print-on-demand WWE store where you can have the t-shirts out the next day and the Swiss Cyborg shirt that came out a week after I knocked my teeth out my…nose essentially. I really wanted that Cesaro beach ball ripper shirt, so maybe down the line we could have a no beach ball [shirt.] By the way, if you hear that before WWE show announcement or like- you read the thing of what not to bring to a show and it’s like forbidden now is any inflatable objects. You’re welcome!”

You can watch the video version of the interview below if you are so inclined:

What was your reaction to the beach ball incident? Would you like to see Ohno and Cesaro as a team? Let us know in the comments down below.
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