It doesn’t appear that Tommaso Ciampa will be represented in the upcoming WWE 2K19 video game. This was speculated on Wrestling Observer Live yesterday as we reported but it turns out that Bryan Alvarez did some digging since yesterday and he has a pretty good reason at this point why the current NXT Champion might not be included in the game.
It turns out that as with everything, timing is everything and it just didn’t work out for Ciampa because he was injured during the time that the 2K crew was putting this game together so he’s not going to be in the game as Alvarez explained what he found out during Wrestling Observer Live.

“I have not heard from Tommaso Ciampa and 2K did not answer when I requested information about this but I did have somebody in WWE who speculated so let me make this very clear this is speculation but he speculated that based on history their speculation was that the reason Tommaso Ciampa is not in 2K19 and I can say with like %99.9 certainty he’s not going to be in this game. He’s not going to be a character that comes out later. He’s not in 2K19 in any form.”
“It was speculated based on history that the reason he’s not in is because when they did production of the game last year he was out with an injury because historically if you are out with an injury while they’re in production of the game you don’t end up in the game.”
So for example, Jason Jordan is out right now, he’s probably not in 2K20. But that’s what I was told about Tommaso. It’s not some scandal. It’s not him trying to be a heel, that’s just the story I was told.”

Fans might call attention to the fact that other injured Superstars have ended up in the game before like Daniel Bryan, but it seems that historically, this might be a good reason why Tommaso Ciampa will be missing from this year’s installment.
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