How Much Money Brock Lesnar & Shawn Michaels Are Likely Pulling In To Work Saudi Arabia


Brock Lesnar’s Hell In A Cell appearance meant that he isn’t leaving WWE just yet. After all, Paul Heyman did say on the Raw after SummerSlam that Lesnar wanted another title shot but Kurt Angle wouldn’t let it happen. While he’s training for a UFC fight, Lesnar will lace up his boots once again and wrestle, but he’s not doing it for free at all.

Bryan Alvarez noted on Wrestling Observer Live that there is a preposterous amount of money being talked about for the Saudi Arabia shows. This is obviously enough to keep Lesnar around and bring Shawn Michaels out of a 10-year retirement.

“It ain’t $1 million. I don’t know how much much each guy is getting. But I do know what when Brock re-signed after WrestleMania that it was a 7-figure deal for 2 matches. So I’m sure it’s probably another 7-figure deal for a match in Saudi Arabia.”

“It’s a multi-million dollar deal. I don’t know how much it is, but it is more than $1 million.”

It was noted that both HBK and Lesnar are likely getting over $1 million for another match which isn’t out of the realm of possibility considering how much cash Saudi Arabia is shelling out to WWE.

Lesnar is back, although we don’t really know when he’ll be around next. After all, he kind of does his own thing. But hopefully, we’ll be able to see it go down in Saudi Arabia if they can arrange to get it on the WWE Network.

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