Edge and Christian welcome Tommy Dreamer to the show.
Dreamer says he had a great time at ALL IN a couple of weeks ago. He thought it was a perfect show that gave fans everything. He enjoyed every single minute that he was there, and while he won’t compare it to the greatest shows of all time, he thought it was a perfect wrestling show for 2018.
He jokes that the only suggestion he made was there needs to be a black penis druid that’s bigger than the others for Joey Ryan’s entrance next time.

A listener writes into the show and asks Edge and Christian if they’d ever ask commentators to sell certain parts of their matches? Christian says that when something is very important to the match they’d go talk to the commentators to make sure that spot was highlighted. Also, sometimes the commentators will approach the wrestlers, especially if there’s an important match with a long-running storyline involved.
Another listener writes into the show and asks Edge and Christian who they’d choose to be in a faction with them. Christian says he’d like to have Zack Ryder as his lackey who gets beat up all the time, and then he’d just need one big guy like Luke Harper or Erick Rowan. Edge says he’d pick Drew McIntyre, Dolph Ziggler and Seth Rollins. But he’d also love to have a tag team involved such as The Revival or The Usos.

A listener writes into the show and asks if Christian plays board games. Christian says he enjoys board games, particularly Monopoly and Cards Against Humanity.
Another listener writes into the show and asks Edge and Christian which WWE show they enjoyed working the most. Edge says WrestleMania was his favourite for sure, but Royal Rumble, SummerSlam and Hell in A Cell were always fun as well.
The next listener asks them if they’d prefer to start in NXT or WWE if they were an established talent outside of WWE today. Christian thinks he would like to start in NXT, to experience that entire process and the transition to the main roster.

Edge points out that someone like Johnny Gargano was an established performer, but he didn’t have the name recognition of someone like A.J. Styles. He started in NXT and now he has used that platform to elevate his brand significantly and when he finally moves to the main roster it’s going to be a big deal.
A listener writes into the show and asks Edge and Christian whose chops hurt worse, Big Show or Ric Flair. Christian and Edge both think Big Show’s chops hurt more because his chops would land so heavily. Edge says he tried to take one in all four corners of the ring one night but after three he had to roll out of the ring because it hurt so much. Edge points out that Chris Benoit’s chops were brutal as well.

A listener asks Edge and Christian how they feel nowadays. Christian says he feels pretty good for the most part. Edge agrees, noting that some people might think that his neck is still giving him trouble but his neck doesn’t really bother him at all. He actually had some issues with his wrist lately and had to get a procedure on it.
Another listener asks them about the logic of hitting one big move after another during a match, such as Seth Rollins’ top rope suplex into the Falcon Arrow. Edge says he doesn’t mind that combination from Rollins, but there was a spot during the recent Adam Cole/Ricochet match from Takeover that bothered him. Cole countered Ricochet with a Superkick which looked devastating, but instead of covering Ricochet he went straight into a Brainbuster.

Edge says he loves Cole, but he wishes Cole would have covered Ricochet after the Superkick because that move looked devastating enough. He notes that sometimes performers rush into 2 or 3 things in a row and they forget to sell. Christian admits that they’ve been guilty of it in the past as well and Edge agrees, noting that they’d change some things in the early TLC matches now if they had their time back.
A final listener wonders if they think Becky Lynch should be a heel or a babyface. Edge says he thinks WWE should just let Lynch do her thing and let the audience decide. He doesn’t think they should force it one way or the other, and that was his concern when she appeared to be turning heel initially.
That sums up this week’s episode of E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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