Edge and Christian open today’s show by discussing this past weekend’s ALL IN event.
They both note that they haven’t had the opportunity to watch the show in its entirety yet, but as soon as they get the chance they will do so. The bits and pieces that they saw were great and they loved the variety of matches throughout the show. There was a dream match featuring Kenny Omega and Pentagon Jr., lots of high flying stuff, and a traditional NWA Title match between Cody Rhodes and Nick Aldis.

Moving onto the first episode of the Mae Young Classic 2, Edge says he’s a big fan of the tournament presentation. He really enjoyed the first episode of this season, even though you could tell some of the women were green in the ring. He points out that nowadays it’s impossible to gain experience without putting yourself in those situations with a room full of people, cameras rolling and loads of pressure.
They both thought M.J. Jenkins stood out during this episode, and they think she’s only going to get better with more experience. Christian thinks she has “star” written all over her. Edge notes that Rhea Ripley changed her look completely compared to last year, and he’s a fan of her new presentation. Commentators compared her to Charlotte this year, and Christian points out that you need to be your own person so this change was great for her.

Edge & Christian welcome Chelsea Green to the show.
Green is dating WWE Superstar, Zack Ryder, who is a friend of both Edge and Christian. For a long time Ryder has been pleading to come on the show and now it’s a running joke that they’re refusing to get him on. Now that they’ve invited Green on the show, they’re sure that Ryder will be furious but he’ll have to promote the show anyways because his girlfriend is the guest.
Green informs that she saw WWE on television one day and thought she could be a wrestler. She didn’t know anything about the business other than hearing about Trish Stratus and Steve Austin, but after a quick search on the internet she realized that Lance Storm’s wrestling school was only 10 minutes away from where she lived. She made the decision to start training.

After training with Storm for a while she got a call to play the role of an extra at WWE television. The girl that was there with her was offered a part the following week but ultimately she couldn’t make it, so that opportunity was passed to Green. She arrived to the television tapings the next week and was led into a room where she met with Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, and Triple H.

They told her that she would be playing the role of Daniel Bryan’s therapist and she’d have to cut an in-ring promo with Stephanie. She points out that this was her first promo ever, and she had only wrestled maybe 10 matches at that point.
Green talks about her experience on Tough Enough. She notes that she went on that show to showcase her wrestling ability, and while she won all the wrestling challenges she realizes now that she should have been more entertaining. She’s glad now that it worked out the way it did, because other companies saw that she could go in the ring.

Green travelled to Japan after just a year in the business and she had fun there. She admits that it was challenging in the sense that she was dealing with a language barrier which made it tough when calling matches in the ring. From there she landed in TNA, and that’s when she thinks things really started to click for her.
She informs that her TNA tryout was a live PPV match. This presented more issues for her because she was trying to learn how to work the hard camera, since she hadn’t really had any experience wrestling on television before. A year into her TNA contract she won the TNA Women’s Title.

Green says that her “Hot Mess” character originated from a women who was left at the alter. After they shot that segment she was backstage drinking a legitimate bottle of champagne and was asked to do a pre-tape promo that they weren’t sure if they’d even use. She cut the promo, it aired, and it was extremely popular with fans. She was used in mostly comedy segments and barely won any matches at all, then she showed up at tapings one day and she was told that she was going to win the Title.
Green says the vibe she felt at ALL IN was unlike anything she’s ever felt before. She says she would have paid to see all the matches on that card. She thinks working together is key for indie promotions because WWE is always going to be the industry’s top dog, so teaming up to create competition is a great thing.

She points out that the ALL IN fans were all there to watch the show and to appreciate the performers which was really cool. She notes that it’s very tough to put together a Fatal 4 Way match, but she thought they did a good job with it on this show. At one point in the match when she was laid out on the mat the referee leaned down and told them to soak it all in because they were killing it. She says she could have cried in that moment.
That sums up today’s episode of E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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