Which WWE Brand Rey Mysterio Is Likely To End Up On

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Rey Mysterio is coming back to WWE, or at least that’s the way things look right now. WWE has 2 brands to pick from and Mysterio could fit into either show.

Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE’s belief last time about the Latin American market could bring Rey back to SmackDown Live. But it could go either way in 2018.

“I would say… who needs the babyfaces more? They both do. They’re not good at making top babyfaces and Rey should be a top guy. Rey was a face of SmackDown before but it’s irrelevant now.”

“Becuase the theory of Rey being on SmackDown because SmackDown was on a network and in fact in a year it will be again is that Hispanics are more likely to not have cable. Now, this could be complete bullsh*t but it is how people think. So don’t blame me for this.”

“So that’s one of the reasons why they kept Rey on the show on network or even my network TV for that matter. Now it doesn’t matter, but in a year… Rey on Fox, you know could be on the same show as Almas because he could feud with him and that would actually help Almas too.”

Of course, we’re likely to have a Superstar Shake-Up before Fox gets SmackDown, but only time will tell where Rey ends up and if their supposed thinking about the Hispanic market is still something they believe.

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