X-Pac opens today’s show by paying respect to the recently deceased Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart. He says that every experience he had with Neidhart was positive, and he was great to be around. Obviously Neidhart is best known for his time in the Hart Foundation with Bret Hart, and X-Pac notes that they could have a great match with anyone.

He recommends that everyone go to the WWE Network and watch the Hart Foundation versus Demolition from SummerSlam 1990. He mentions that he was so sad to hear about Neidhart’s passing, and he has reached out to a few members of Neidhart’s family to pay his respects.

X-Pac says he agrees with Jerry Lawler, as they both believe that Brian Lawler was killed in jail and did not commit suicide as was originally reported. He points out that the pictures show that Brian Lawler appeared to be fighting for his life, and the marks on his neck weren’t consistent with someone who hung himself. X-Pac really hopes they get to the bottom of this but he doubts it’s going to be easy.

X-Pac welcomes Nick Hausman from WrestleZone to the show.


Hausman notes that he tweeted out how much he enjoyed the opening segment of this past week’s RAW, with Ronda Rousey paying tribute to Jim Neidhart. However, a lot of fans responded to him saying that they thought it was disgusting how WWE used Neidhart’s death as part of a wrestling angle. X-Pac says he didn’t have any issue at all with the way Neidhart’s death was used during the opening segment of RAW. He says that when he dies he’d love for someone to turn his death into an angle and make some money from it.

News broke this past week that Colt Cabana is suing his old friend CM Punk. Hausman notes he’s sad to see CM Punk and Colt Cabana at each other’s throats. Punk is a notoriously unlikable person, whereas Cabana seems to be a very likeable person who has been a fan favourite for years. Hausman actually thinks Punk might receive the majority of the negative backlash from fans if he doesn’t do something to fix this issue.

Hausman notes that the co-promoted show by ROH and NJPW at Madison Square Garden has sold out. It’s scheduled to take place the night before WrestleMania, and Hausman thinks this is a tremendous story for professional wrestling. X-Pac notes that he’s been telling people for a long time now that we’re in the middle of a “boom” in the wrestling industry, and things like this only strengthen his point.

X-Pac feels that WWE should hand out times for the Hall of Fame induction speeches. He points out that like a wrestling show, main event talent should get more time than guys who aren’t at that level. He thinks it’s the “most selfish damn thing in the world” when some people stand up there for hours delivering a speech, He says he’d give himself 15 minutes to deliver a speech if he was ever inducted.

Switching gears to SummerSlam, X-Pac says the build towards Daniel Bryan/The Miz hasn’t blown him away, but it’s been fine.

Hausman hopes Reigns/Lesnar closes the show and he actually thinks Lesnar will win. X-Pac doesn’t think Hausman’s crazy for thinking that, but if Lesnar holds onto the Title and fails a drug test in UFC, that won’t look good for WWE. X-Pac thinks people will be satisfied with the end of this match one way or another. He notes that we may see a big heel turn or something of that nature.

X-Pac says he’s not a fan of Constable Corbin at all. He likes Corbin’s new haircut and the change in his look, but he’s just not feeling the Constable Corbin character. He notes that it’s hard to take Corbin serious when he’s wrestling in dress clothes, and X-Pac doesn’t sense a whole lot of inspiration from Corbin when the bell rings.

X-Pac notes that he’s looking forward to NXT Takeover this Saturday night, specifically the Ricochet/Adam Cole match and the Velveteen Dream/EC3 match. Hausman thinks EC3 is going to have a seamless transition to the main roster, and he’s not even sure why they put him in NXT at all. X-Pac agrees but notes that that’s simply how the WWE machine works now. When you arrive you start in NXT and transition to the main roster over time.

That sums up today’s episode of X-Pac 1, 2, 360. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap.

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