WWE Giving Into Daniel Bryan’s New Contract Demands

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Daniel Bryan’s WWE contract is running up and WWE might not be too happy about how he hasn’t signed a new contract. He could always leave and go to the indies.

Bryan wouldn’t be performing in high school gyms either (unless he really wanted to) because he could pick his biggest events in NJPW, ROH, and CMLL.

It was noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that WWE is starting to relent to Bryan’s lighter schedule. He has been taken off of some weekend house shows to lighten the load. It was noted they are “working with him on that.”

At this time, he hasn’t signed a new contract, but it might only be a matter of time at this point. He has a young family that he might want to grow. So the guaranteed money from WWE and royalties for years to come might be very attractive to him, especially if he can get a lighter schedule.

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