Undercover Boss is airing a special WWE edition soon and Stephanie McMahon will be donning a disguise and going inside her father’s company to see how it works.

But for some fans, it was very easy to tell Stephanie’s face no matter what kind of wig they put on her and it anything, her voice is bound to give it away. But when a boss is discovered by one of their employees during Undercover Boss then the undercover assignment is over.

Brad Shepard revealed on Backstage With WWE that Steph got some help before the shooting took place to make sure everything worked out okay.

“How about Stephanie McMahon on Undercover Boss? She looks the same. I was like okay, this has got to be an episode of Punk’d or something like nobody could tell it’s her especially with that voice. So I asked a source in WWE about it and they told me people were in on it with Stephanie. So no surprise there reality tv is not always real, imagine that.”

So when you’re watching WWE’s version of Undercover Boss wondering why people don’t just call her out for sounding like the boss’ daughter it’s because people were told not to make a big deal about it because it’s only reality tv.


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