Vince McMahon Could Finally Be Wealthier Than Long Time Rival


Vince McMahon and Ted Turner balled it out during the Monday Night Wars but their relationship was already plenty interesting long before Turner called Vince and told him, “I’m in the rastling business now!”

But it looks like years since the Monday Night Wars were called off, Vince McMahon has another upper hand on his old rival. It was pointed out in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Vince McMahon’s personal value is now at a whopping $1.845 billion.

Considering this near $2 billion personal value it is possible that for the first time ever Vince McMahon is actually richer than Ted Turner.

This is a pretty big deal for McMahon if it is true seeing how he seemed to have a pretty intense personal rivalry going on with the media mogul for decades. Now it looks like Vince McMahon could finally really be on top nearly 2 decades after the end of the Monday Night Wars.

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