X-Pac 1, 2, 360 Recap w/ Hurricane Helms – Royal Rumble Return, Pigeonholed in WWE Roles, Departure From TNA, More!

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X-Pac opens today’s show by discussing the tragic passing of Owen Hart. He notes that today, May 23rd marks the anniversary of Owen Hart’s death, and he points out that he’s been thinking about Owen and the Hart family all day. He recalls having a great tag team Title match with his partner, Kane that night, but like everything else on that show it was overshadowed by Hart’s untimely death.

X-Pac congratulates WWE on their new television deal with FOX, which will pay them over $1 Billion over the next five years. He informs that he was one of 12 WWE employees who were granted stock options when WWE first went public in 1999. He was granted 30,000 stocks at that time.

X-Pac is very happy for Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks and everyone else who was involved in ALL IN, which sold out in under an hour several days ago. He points out that even if CM Punk is going to appear on the show as several rumours suggest, they don’t need to announce it now because the event is already sold out. He admits that they might announce it in an attempt to get PPV buys but he doesn’t think this show will be available on PPV.

He addresses the rumours that WWE might have renewed interest in signing the Young Bucks. He mentions that if the opportunity to go to WWE comes up and the deal is right, you have to take it. However, the deal has to be lucrative for them because if they go there and WWE books them like crap, in turn negatively affecting their value on the indies, they need to have financial security to ensure they can pay their bills.

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