Big Cass’ Possible Injury Could Be Even More Devastating For His Career


At this time we still don’t know if Big Cass is actually injured but he certainly didn’t seem to be having a good time while he left the ring.

Big Cass was favoring his knee in a bad way and although he was able to walk on his own the idea of him suffering another injury could be the kiss of death for his career as a top guy.

Vince McMahon doesn’t like to invest money in people who are seen as fragile and Big Cass recently came back from an 8-month injury after his ACL was demolished during a match against Enzo Amore after SummerSlam.

Brad Shepard of noted that if Big Cass’ injury is legit then it could be a very bad deal for him in more ways than one because WWE could label him as injury prone in a hurry which could greatly stifle his momentum especially on the top of the card.

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