Vince Russo’s The Brand Recap – Ryan Satin Angers Another Superstar, WWE Fields Criticism Over Saudi Arabia Show, Does Stephanie McMahon Care About Women’s Revolution? More!

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Russo is joined on today’s show by his co-host, Ryan Satin, and Glenn Gilbertti.

Lane opens today’s show by mentioning that Pro Wrestling Sheet’s Ryan Satin got himself into some more hot water with a former Superstar this past week. Former WWE Superstar, Val Venis reportedly found himself in trouble with the law for filming inside of a post office recently, and Satin wrote a story about this which got Venis’ attention.

Venis said that Satin was sprouting fake news, and added that if Satin didn’t retract the story and apologize Venis was going to make sure Satin felt the wrath of the law, noting that defamation of character is illegal. Russo points out that if Satin keeps making enemies within the industry like he has over the last couple of years, he’s eventually going to be at odds with the wrong guy.

Former WWE Superstars, Bin Hamin and Stevie Richards join the show.

Lane points out that WWE Superstar, Alexa Bliss recently underwent breast enhancement surgery. Gilbertti wonders if we’re supposed to respect her in-ring work more now, because he can’t say she’s hot because he’ll get in trouble.

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