Female Talents ARE Receiving Payoff for Greatest Royal Rumble Event


As previously reported, Jerry “The King” Lawler revealed on the latest installment of his Dinner With The King podcast that female Superstars of WWE are receiving a “heck of a payoff” for the Greatest Royal Rumble, even though they are being excluded from it. Dave Meltzer later shot down King’s remarks on Twitter and said that talents were not told that.

In an update, Mike Johnson of PWInsider reported today that Lawler was correct about the talents receiving a payoff for not working the event, which would indicate that Meltzer was wrong in his above statement. Here is an excerpt of what PWI reported:

Several weeks back on his podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler noted that he believed WWE would be paying their female talents who were not working The Greatest Royal Rumble as if they had worked the show.  PWInsider.com has confirmed independently that WWE is indeed doing that.

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