X-Pac opens today’s show by discussing Brock Lesnar’s new WWE contract. For the first time Lesnar signed a pay-per-appearance contract, which allows WWE to utilize him when they need him and just pay him for those appearances. The new contract also includes licensing, which allows WWE to license Lesnar’s look and they pay him a flat fee of over $600,000/year for that. Lesnar also gets over 6% of his merchandise sales.

X-Pac points out that while some of the numbers in this contract are astronomical, WWE would have never signed it if it wasn’t mutually beneficial. He thinks this is a great deal for Lesnar, WWE, and for all wrestling fans because Lesnar is a great entertainer.

Speaking about the controversy surrounding the Greatest Royal Rumble event, X-Pac says he can certainly understand the points being made by both parties in this case. While it’s unfortunate that women can’t compete or work on this show, this is a big business opportunity for WWE and maybe the company’s influence in Saudi Arabia can go a long way in progressing women’s rights there.


X-Pac says he was sad to hear that there was an issue at Wrestlecon between Jake Roberts and Harry Smith. Apparently there were some words spoken and Harry’s father, Davey Boy, might have been the topic of discussion. X-Pac points out that we should take it easy on Harry here because there was pride involved in this case and he’s actually surprised that Roberts is pursuing this legally.

X-Pac comments on the issues between Chyna’s former agent and mother, stemming from the fact that her agent has started a fundraiser effort to buy a burial plot in Hollywood. Her mother is not happy about this but X-Pac notes that nobody’s been perfect in this situation. In all honesty, he doesn’t have a problem with the fundraising because Chyna’s agent still has some of her ashes, and Chyna would have loved to be buried there.

X-Pac welcomes Rikishi to the show.

Rikishi mentions that he was so hungry when he debuted in WCW as part of a tag team. The Samoan legacy was already present in wrestling and it was up to him now to continue that. He points out that he worked so much back then and rarely spent more than a day or two at home. He adds that Jimmy and Jey Uso are his sons and he barely knows them given the fact that he was never home when they were growing up.

X-Pac talks about the struggle of working with someone who doesn’t listen in the ring. He says he’d rather work with a less experienced performer who listens than a veteran who doesn’t listen. Rikishi agrees, noting that listening to your opponent in the ring is the key.

X-Pac asks Rikishi how he’s feeling nowadays. Rikishi says he feels good, adding that he’s changed his eating habits dramatically over the last few years. He points out that his knees are actually in pretty good shape and he’s never had surgery, which is strange given all the bumps he took, specifically the top rope splashes he’d often deliver to his opponents.

Rikishi talks about his infamous bump from the top of the Hell in a Cell into the back of a truck. He says he was very nervous about this bump, and when he saw the truck come out during the match he became even more nervous because there wasn’t supposed to be rails on side of the truck. He wasn’t sure if he was going to be able to go through with it, but there was no turning back at that point.

Once The Undertaker had him in place on the side of the cell he looked at Undertaker and said, “Tell my family I love them”. Luckily when he landed he knew he was okay and relief started to set in. He informs that he had heat with his family members when he went home over that because they couldn’t believe he’d take that kind of risk.

Rikishi says that his sons, The Usos, should enjoy the moment and appreciate what they have. It gives him comfort that WWE has the best doctors now as opposed to back in the day, when the talents acted as doctors for each other.

Rikishi informs that he was excited about “The Sultan” gimmick when Vince McMahon came to him with the idea because if Vince comes to you with an idea, more often than not he’s gonna push you. Things went well for a few months but then it fell apart, and after just signing a 4-year deal, he spent the next 3 years basically sitting at home.

Soon McMahon had another idea for him, a character called “Rikishi”. At first he thought this gimmick might have been a rib but he owned the character and it became a great fit for him. He says he’s a big guy who likes to have fun, and he could back it up in the ring with his physical style.

Rikishi says it was great to work with Steve Austin during the top of his run. He says that Austin was a complete professional and he had so much fun working with him. He notes that he wanted to stay at the top of the card as long as he could, and he hoped to win the WWE Championship at some point. Unfortunately that didn’t happen, but it was a pleasure working with such a stacked roster during the attitude era.

That sums up today’s episode of X-Pac 1, 2, 360. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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