Lillian Garcia welcomes The IIconics to the show.

Garcia informs that she’s been very impressed by Billie Kay & Peyton Royce in NXT. She recalls having a conversation with Carmella when she was frustrated in NXT as she waited for a call to the main roster. Garcia told her at that time that eventually the call will come and then she’s going to soar, and she thinks the same thing applies now to Kay and Royce.

Kay informs that her and Royce both grew up in Australia and actually went to high school together. She was very close with her mom growing up but had some issues with her father. She was a big sports fan and played basketball all throughout high school, but she was also bullied quite a bit. She admits that after being bullied for a while she became a bully herself, because she was sick and tired of being the one that was picked on. It took her a while to grow up but once she did she matured quickly and got out of that rut, and she’s thankful for that.


Kay recalls becoming a fan of wrestling at the age of 10. Her brother would watch RAW and all the PPVs, and one night he set up and chair and invited her to watch with him and his friends. She immediately fell in love with it and recalls being completely mesmerized by The Rock. From that night on she didn’t miss a show, and her mother would even allow her to stay home from school one day a month when the PPVs were on so she could watch the shows.

She began training to become a professional wrestler and wrestled her first match the day she turned 18. She actually began training with Royce at the same school and initially they didn’t like each other, but after spending more time together they got to know each other and they became great friends. They made it their goal to make it to WWE together.

Kay informs that the hardest thing about working for WWE is being away from her family so much. The funny thing about all of this is that she’s closer with her family now than she’s ever been, even though they’re on different sides of the world. She just hopes she can make them proud.

Royce informs that her mother was actually a huge fan of professional wrestling, and that led to her developing a love for the business. She started dancing when she was very young and that was a big part of her childhood. Once she got to high school her life was consumed by dancing and she loved it, but from the age of 13 she knew her dream was to wrestle for WWE.

She informs that Eddie Guerrero had a huge impact on her when she was young, and she was heartbroken to hear of his passing. The day Guerrero died she made it a goal of hers to create memories for people in the same way that Guerrero did for her.

She fell in love with Guerrero’s charisma, and it was a pleasure for her to attend the Performance Centre with Guerrero’s daughter for a little while. She’s blown away by the fact that every story she hears about Guerrero paints him in a positive light. Garcia notes that Guerrero was a tremendous person and she’s so happy she was able to work with him.

Royce informs that she moved to Canada to train with Lance Storm for three months, and that was one of the best experiences of her life. She was able to train every day and she loved every minute of it, and Storm has remained a steadying influence on her since her training. Garcia says she loves Storm as well and he has always been very nice to her.

Royce says her NXT experience has been tremendous and she’s very proud of herself. She has proven a lot of people wrong and that’s been very important for her, but she’s not only doing this to prove people wrong.  She also wants to make the people who believed in her proud.

Royce mentions that her parents weren’t always on board with her dream of becoming a professional wrestler. They initially didn’t want her to have anything to do with the wrestling business, but after seeing how devoted she was to it they eventually changed their minds. She had a great heart to heart talk with her father about it and after getting his approval she immediately began training.

Garcia thinks Kay and Royce will have great success on the main roster and she notes that they come off as a genuine tag team. Royce and Kay admit that’s something they’ve really worked on and they want to be known as a great 2-woman unit.

That sums up this week’s episode of Chasing Glory. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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