It was reported earlier today via Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer that Daniel Bryan was cleared only hours before SmackDown Live went on the air Tuesday night. Meltzer mentioned that word got out about Bryan’s return on Monday night and early Tuesday morning and many WWE Superstars thought he was cleared but he actually wasn’t at that time.

“I couldn’t give you an exact time but probably not until an hour before WWE announced it.”

Mike Johnson of reported on today’s installment of PWInsider Elite Audio that that word going around backstage at SmackDown Live was that Bryan was cleared a couple of weeks ago, indicating that Meltzer’s above remarks are incorrect.

“I have some news for you. He [Bryan] was cleared a couple weeks ago. That was the word backstage at SmackDown last night.

UPDATE: Daniel Bryan revealed in a new video that WWE upload to it’s Youtube channel that he was actually cleared on Monday. That would mean that Johnson’s report was inaccurate.

“If you have this dream that you have, you fight for it and you keep fighting for it and you keep fighting for it, and then it may never come true, it might not, but it’s never the end game, it’s not the destination, it’s the journey. It’s interesting because I thought about this moment so much in the past 6 months or whatever, OK. ‘Imagine what would happen if you actually did get cleared?’, and it still seemed kind of like an impossibility. Now that it’s here it still seems kind of unreal and I still feel kind of unprepared for it. It’s hard because legitimately I just got cleared last night. [Monday] “So there’s still this wave of emotions and it’s hard for me when I’m thinking and writing what I would like to say, that it’s hard for me not to cry.”

You can listen to Bryan’s remarks embedded in the video below.

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