Vince Russo’s The Brand Recap – RAW & Smackdown Analysis, Stephanie McMahon’s Contradictions, Rousey Won’t Save WWE, More!


Russo is joined on today’s show by his co-host, Jeff Lane, and former WWE Superstars, Stevie Richards and Bin Hamin.

Russo opens today’s show by talking about the Women’s Revolution. He points out that Stephanie McMahon is contradicting herself by spouting off about the Women’s Revolution, when she has the biggest boob job of any female on the roster. He points out that two other new females on WWE’s roster recently took time off from the road in order to get boob jobs, so it’s impossible for them to say with a straight face that they’re more concerned with providing quality in-ring action.

Hamin goes on to speak about Nia Jax’s weight. Russo points out that he doesn’t get offended when someone tells him he needs to lose weight because he knows that’s true. Hamin adds that Jax’s ring gear doesn’t do her any favours given her body type, and he also mentions that if Jax was presented like a true killer nobody would be worried about her weight. He points out that nobody made fun of Vader’s weight back in the day because he was a killer.

Speaking about the Gauntlet Match on RAW, Richards jokes that no single match should be longer than his daily cardio session. He credits Rollins for his “PPV level” performance, but wonders why Rollins couldn’t have saved that performance for the PPV this coming Sunday. He thought WWE gave away several big-time match-ups in this Gauntlet match, and they also prostituted several finishers in a meaningless match on RAW.

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