Ross opens today’s show speaking about Sunday’s TLC PPV.

Ross says if he was booking WWE, he wouldn’t book Asuka to lose until there was a defining angle in place to do so. If he was to criticize one thing about the match, he’d say that Emma had too much offence in that bout. He felt that Emma, or whoever Asuka’s opponent was, needed to take one for the team because someone who was promoted like Asuka was needed to have a much more convincing win.

He says he enjoys Elias’ character, but appearing in front of the live audience three times in one night is the kiss of death in his opinion. He believes that Jason Jordan is a natural heel in the making because he’s so athletic and handsome. Ross feels that Jordan will be a great heel someday.


Ross says he was very pleased and excited to see Mickie James have a great showing during her WWE Championship bout. He says Alexa Bliss should buy James dinner after the favour James did for her on Sunday. He also mentions that he hasn’t been a big fan of the ‘age’ storyline between these two women because that’s been done a million times before.

Ross thought the crowd took a break during the Enzo Amore/Kalisto Cruiserweight Championship match. He points out that the crowd is still entertained by Amore and perhaps they still want to cheer him as a babyface performer.

He thought that A.J. Styles and Finn Balor stole the show, and he was very pleased that we had a definitive winner and loser with a clean finish. He liked that Balor was in the ‘Demon’ makeup, and he’s sure that these guys are going to wrestle again at some point in the future.

Taz thought the main event TLC match was a bit too long, but he liked that everyone had their own moments to shine. He mentions that Ambrose and Rollins are a phenomenal tag team and those two guys have a chance to do something special with The Usos when they go head to head at Survivor Series.

Ross welcomes Rory Karpf, Director of the Ric Flair 30 for 30 documentary to the show.

Karpf informs that he grew up as a huge wrestling fan in Philadelphia, and remained a huge fan of the business all through his college years and into adulthood. Flair made a guest appearance in one of his first films and that led to him eventually working on this documentary. ESPN was only ever interested in producing a documentary on Andre The Giant, but the sudden boost in Flair’s popularity peaked their interest.

Karpf informs that he was in constant contact with Flair’s girlfriend, Wendy, and daughter, Ashley, (Charlotte) during Flair’s recent health scare. From what Karpf understands, Flair was in rough condition at that time and was given a small chance to survive. To everyone’s delight, Flair was able to pull through.

He says that there’s something very endearing about Flair and it was a pleasure being around him while directing this film. There’s a unique vulnerability to Flair, who comes off as the most confident man in the room one minute and struggles with self confidence the next. Ross agrees and says Flair has a heart of gold and is a special entertainer. Like most special entertainers, Flair’s self confidence fluctuates.

Karpf mentions that he privately screened the film for Triple H at NXT recently and both Triple H and Stephanie McMahon appeared to enjoy it. Triple H was interviewed for the film and Karpf feels that his voice truly stands out in the film.

Karpf admits that he found out a few things about Flair during the making of this film that surprised him. Flair said he slept with 10,000 women during his career, and he also said that he masturbates twice daily. Karpf laughs while saying that this might seem normal to Flair but it sure sounds like a type of compulsion to him.

Karpf says that he got to know Flair pretty well during the making of this film, and he went out to eat with Flair on many occasions. While Flair was often in the ‘Nature Boy’ character during those outings, Karpf was able to see the real Flair while visiting him in hospital during his recent health scare. He held Flair’s hand and they watched football and that’s something he’ll never forget.

Ross points out that the documentary will air on ESPN on November 7th and he urges everyone to watch it. Ross saw an advance copy of the film and he really enjoyed it, but he mentions that Flair texted him one night after seeing the film, angry at him over something he said during his interview for the film. Ross is unsure what he could of said that upset Flair but Karpf points out that it was difficult for Flair to watch some parts of the film, specifically the parts about his drinking and his family.

Karpf informs that he had a pleasure interviewing several wrestling icons for this film. He thought Hulk Hogan came off very genuine during his interview and he’d love to do a documentary on Hogan at some point in the future. He also says that The Undertaker is one of the nicest people he has ever met, and ‘Taker was legitimately interested in how this film was going to be put together which was very cool.

That sums up this week’s episode of The Ross Report. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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