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Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show, and hype tonight’s title fight. Then it’s time for the entrances for our first match… along with a recap of the division’s tag match from the PPV.

Rich Swann kicks off the show and is ready for some tag team action. We’ve been getting a lot of tag team matches as of late, are we going to get Cruiserweight Tag Titles soon?


Rich Swann & Cedrix Alexander Vs. Tony Nese & Noam Dar

Tony Nese and Cedric Alexander start the match together. Right away, Nese stops Alexander to show off his physique. Alexander responds by completely overwhelming Nese with his quick striking ability.

In comes Swann, springboard kick, suplex/rolling splash combo by Swann and Alexander. Nese able to get to his corner and bring in Dar, quick counters by both wrestlers, Nese gets the blind tag and Swann finds out the hard way, getting run over on the floor. Nese jams Swann’s back into the barricade and poses once again.

Dar back in, and Swann is having trouble now, he really could use a breather as Dar just chucks him leg-first into the ropes. Nese tagged in and gets Swann in the tree of woe, big knees to the midsection and then Nese does some crunches while kicking away at Swann. Dar tries his own version, but doesn’t quite do it right, the two bicker back and forth. Swann almost gets away, but Dar drags him back to the opposite side of the ring and brings Nese in once again. Swann gets in a spinning strike and lands on his opponent for the pin, but Dar pulls him out to the floor to breakup the pinfall.

Swann finally able to get away and brings in Alexander who drops Dar with clotheslines, elbows, and kicks. Alexander with a back handspring kick, pin, Dar kicks out at two. Alexander to the apron, dodges Nese (who flies to the floor). Alexander is momentarily distracted as The Brian Kendrick and Jack Gallagher are now watch on the stage. Dar locks in a submission, Nese pulls Swann off the apron, but he gets back into the ring, kicks Dar off and then hits a crazy phoenix splash to the floor. Alexander nails the lumbar check for the victory.

Winners: Alexander & Swann

After the match, Alexander and Swann lean on the ropes and look up the ramp. Gallagher says they aren’t here for a fight, but are extending an olive branch. Kendrick says they saw Alexander’s brutality and think he has tons of potential, but he can’t have that “dead weight, dancing clown” by his side. Gallagher says some people simply don’t have “cruelty” that will help you get higher up the ladder. Gallagher says him and Kendrick are coming for Swann next week. Kendrick says Alexander needs to come up with a decision by next week, or they will make one for him.

We see Drew Gulak walking to the ring backstage and we head to some commercials.

Drew Gulak Vs. Gran Metalik

Right away Gulak yells at Metalik, “you stay on the ground!” as we get things started. However, it doesn’t take long before Matalik is air born with a missile dropkick, then he walks the ropes and pulls off a nice moonsault all the way to the floor, taking out Gulak.

Metalik tries to go up once again, but Gulak knocks him down, he then works a chin bar submission to slow things back down. Metalik recovers and hits a super snapmare then a superkick to stun Gulak. Metalik walks the ropes again and hits another dropkick.

Metalik up yet again, he walks the ropes and hits a splash, pin, only a two count. Gulak looking for a suplex, Metalik with a roll through, pin, two. Gulak with a boot to the midsection, charges in, gets put up on the second rope. Super hurricanrana by Metalik into a pin, two! Gulak tries to jump into the ring, Metalik catches him on his shoulders, Gulak counters into a dragon sleeper, which gets him the tapout win.

Winner: Drew Gulak

Post-match, Gulak gets his sign and puts Metalik’s leg on the bottom rope. He looks to severely injure his opponent, but out comes Tozawa. He dodges a sign strike and kicks Gulak out of the ring.

Backstage, Dasha Fuentes is with Kalisto and asks about what he’s thinking before his upcoming rematch. Kalisto responds he’s confident and knows he can beat Enzo, just like he did before. Kalisto says he’s taking back what’s his and heads off.

Enzo heads to the ring with Ariya Daivari, but since his voice is still…sawft…Daivari takes the mic and says Enzo is the best thing to happen to 205 Live. He then rips on the hometown’s sports team and does Enzo’s dance. Daivari then talks some trash to Kalisto before the challenger heads out.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match
(C) Enzo Amore Vs. Kalisto

Kalisto with a big kick, sending Enzo right out of the ring. Enzo back in the ring, he crawls to the ropes to force the ref to keep Kalisto away. Enzo slinks to the corner and Kalisto is trying to get after him. The referee continues to pull Kalisto away until Enzo can dump Kalisto over the top rope and down to the floor. Kalisto holding his ankle as the referee gets his count on, getting to 7 before he can jump in the ring. Enzo immediately throws him back out to the floor, but the challenger gets back in.

Kalisto and Enzo on the second rope, Kalisto knocks Enzo down, but Enzo able to rip Kalisto down. Enzo keeps trying to get some space, but Kalisto grabs his foot. “You’re not going anywhere!” Enzo punches and kicks away at Kalisto, Enzo looks for his finisher, but Kalisto hits a windmill driver along the apron! Kalisto is slow to get up though getting back in the ring at 9.

Enzo tries to get away, gets on the ropes, but gets kick in the head. Ugly looking tornado DDT by Kalisto, jumps to the top rope, but Enzo kicks the official into the ropes and Kalisto crumples to the mat. The referee ends up calling the match, but that means Enzo remains champion.

Winner Via Disqualification: Kalisto

After the match, Enzo retreats up the ramp, holding his title with a smug smile. Kalisto runs after him and attacks a few times until the referee separates them. Kalisto returns to the ring and kicks the rope as Enzo grabs his mic and announces himself as still the Champion.

That’s it for this week’s 205 Live! Let us know your thought in the comments and I will see you back here next week for Monday Night Raw! Until then, safe travels!

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