Paige Indicates She'll Be Out of Action Indefinitely

Paige Indicates She’ll Be Out of Action Indefinitely

Paige took to her Instagram account today and indicated that her recent injury will sideline her for an extended amount of time. Paige wrote, “The comeback is always stronger than the setback ❤️”

The comeback is always stronger than the setback ❤️ @wwe

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Paige suffered an injury during a match against Sasha Banks two weeks ago, when she was kicked in the face. There has been talk that she may be pulled from the upcoming 30 Women Royal Rumble match. Paige’s recent Instagram comments would suggest that she will in fact be sidelined for a significant amount of time.

We will keep you updated if the company announces her removal from the match.


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  • Mr. Sinister

    You still going with the kicked in the face thing?

    • Omar

      Anymore I think it’s intentional. Steve’s stupidity is a living meme at this point.

      He might as well go with it.

  • X@nthu$ G0ldm@n

    last i checked the back of her head isn’t her face

  • Possible

    Dang, kinda sucks for Mandy and Sonya. Better band aid this before they’re lost in the shuffle

  • Philip Manley

    She’ll become Ronda Rousey’s manager when she debut’s at the Royal Rumble.

    • ScottyPNR

      I hope there’s a botch so big that no one wins.

  • Mal

    I can’t see why she can’t be a manager. Just don’t take any bumps. The other two are too green to talk on the mic. They’re going to end up getting buried unless they have the iconic duo take over leadership of the faction. I believe Paige’s wrestling career could be over but she could slip into the role Lita played for Edge.

  • Mr. Sinister

    She is Done as an in ring competitor. WWE just released the news.

  • daleh33

    The Botch at her finest, take out someone who is being pushed over you….accident? I don’t think The Botch would do that but it is kind of ironic, and I’m waiting for those who will say it was all Paige’s fault she was kicked in the head for real and not a wrestling kick. Those same people refuse to blame Nia for all of her botches and there are plenty of them.

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