Vince Russo's The Brand Recap - Rollins/Ambrose Aren't Over, 'Woken' Hardy Revitalizes RAW, Samoa Joe Lacking Heart, More!

Vince Russo’s The Brand Recap – Rollins/Ambrose Aren’t Over, ‘Woken’ Hardy Revitalizes RAW, Samoa Joe Lacking Heart, More!

Russo is joined on today’s show by his co-host Jeff Lane, Big Vito and Kenny Bolin.

Russo says that while watching RAW this week he was amazed because against all odds, Jason Jordan is getting himself over. Jordan has been cutting great promos with lacklustre material and his work in the ring has always been steady, so in spite of the way he’s been positioned by WWE, Jordan is starting to make this storyline work.

He also says that all the marks out there who continue to criticize Roman Reigns need to stop because Reigns has proven himself to be a very valuable commodity to WWE over the last couple of years. His work on the mic and in the ring has continued to steadily improve, and in the last two weeks Reigns has almost single-handidly made two new Superstars in Elias and Jason Jordan.

Vito asks Russo if he wrote The Rock’s iconic catch phrase, “It doesn’t matter what you think!” Russo informs that he didn’t write that line, and it was actually The Rock who came up with that.

Lane says he absolutely loved the backstage interaction between Enzo Amore and Nia Jax and Russo agrees, pointing out that WWE can do a lot of creative things with that pairing. On the other hand, Russo didn’t like the Cruiserweight Fatal 4-way match because he thinks all the cruiserweight matches are way too choreographed.



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  • Troy Bannish

    Mr. Vince Russo, 1st, Thank You for being at the Helm of some of the Best segments in Wrestling History. 2nd, and to get to the point here, How do You see the “Pairing” Or at least “Possible Pairing” of Enzo Amore & Nia Jax going? I believe Jax is the possible “Muscle” behind Enzo “Muscles Marinara” Amore! I for one would love to see WWE allow Nia Jax to pound opposing Cruiserweights into the Canvas on Enzo’s behalf! Where else could this “Possible Pairing” of the Two Go?!?

  • Bryan Leon Phelps

    Vince Russo is a bitter old tool who’s mad he can’t get a job because his ideas are dated.

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