Matt Hardy Could Own the "BROKEN" Character Soon

Matt Hardy Could Own the “BROKEN” Character Soon

Matt Hardy’s application for the ownership of the “BROKEN” character has reached the publication stage, according to PWInsider.

Anthem now has a 30-day period to file an opposition. If Anthem doesn’t respond by December 15th, Hardy will legally own the gimmick on December 19th. From there, Hardy will be allowed to use it in WWE or any other company he chooses.

You can check out the latest documents from the filing below:


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  • NoGoodMickey

    Can only hope.

    • Possible

      Anthem should’ve taken the deal when they had the chance.

  • Phill

    A broken Xmas…

  • Mr. Sinister

    TNA needs to just let it go. They don’t even have enough money to keep paper rolls in the shitter let alone money to keep fighting this.

  • George DE ANIMAL

    If he gets it, which I think he will, he should become a full-time
    manager. Broken Matt, as an in-ring performer in wwe probably
    won’t work. As a manager the sky’s the limit IMO!
    WWE hasn’t had REAL manager in years, maybe it’s time
    to bring them back. I can also see him as a wrestler/manager,
    that would work!!

    • Josh Hall

      What would you call Paul Heyman then… and don’t say advocate.

      • George DE ANIMAL

        Paul E is Lesner’s secret tag team partner LOL!
        I don’t look at Heyman as a manager, he & brock
        are like a team in a way. I wanna see managers
        with a stable of guys or gals. That’s why I think Matt
        would be perfect if he did it with the broken gimmick.

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