Cody Rhodes Says He's Making Triple of What WWE Was Paying Him

Cody Rhodes Says He’s Making Triple of What WWE Was Paying Him

Cody Rhodes answered a fan on Twitter who asked about the amount of money earned on the indie circuit and mentioned that he’s now making three times more money working independently than he was working a full-time schedule for WWE.

Wrestler’s pay has been a big topic in recent weeks, as many independent talents that work the indie circuit have been making a big fuss on how they’re making vs. how much they wouldn’t be making in WWE. Austin Aries recently mentioned that he’s made more money in the past six weeks than he did during the last six months working for WWE.



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  • Jamie Henry

    suuuure buddy

    • Pat Gordon

      Cuz you know what his account looks like, right?
      suuuure buddy

    • Joshua Bosley

      Come on. Cody wasn’t booked as a top star in Wwe. It isn’t very farfetched to say he was making like 200,000 a year.
      Between working njpw, roh, and indie shows, and merch sales, a guy of his talent could be on pace to do 600,000 a year.
      There’s a reason he left the company. He knew he could do better.

  • Apex Trill

    merch sales too

  • Amos Cheek

    Once you factor in that they get to keep all of the money from merch and autograph signings at shows and online,on top of getting top dollar for being popular former WWE stars,they are going to clean up.

  • Steven Burns

    Why lie? Do the math.

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