The Bullet Club Reveal New Hand Gesture

The Bullet Club Reveal New Hand Gesture

The Bullet Club debuted a new “One Sweet hand gesture at Saturday’s Ring of Honor Global Wars event Columbus Ohio. This new hand gesture comes after receiving a cease and desist notice from WWE over the “Too Sweet” gesture that they were profiting off of.

The new gesture is similar to the old one but with the pinky finger down, as seen above.


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  • Melissa A. Klein

    Honestly it looks like something that Dakota Kai from NXT

    • Mike

      I knew you find a way to claim that Bullet Club was ripping off WWE somehow….and you did.

    • Shawn Puff

      What???? Shut up. I’m pretty sure your real name is Mark from Marksville. Stupid WWE mark. Literally, 9 out of 10 stupid comments on here are by you.

  • Jamie Henry

    lol so fucking stupid.

  • Trav

    Street gangs come up with whole handbooks of hand signs and this is all professional wrestlers could figure out?

  • ScottyPNR

    Just do the index and pinky up without the others out.

    • L. Knight

      The they’ll get a C&D from WWE AND Edge, as if either of them invented the fucking thing.

  • Mike Farris

    Pending. The one sweet was debuted in Buffalo on Thursday

  • SweetStunnerPain (SSP)
  • Jeff Hart

    Wait, that’s the “YES” sign. Last week at HIRC, Tye Dillenger was backstage askin DB to be put in the title match and they did the 10 fingers for Tye and the ! finger for DB’s “YES”. Here we go again…just kidding.

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