Poor Attendance at Tuesday's SmackDown Live

Poor Attendance at Tuesday’s SmackDown Live

WWE’s attendance issues are increasing by each passing day. Numerous photos of a large chunk of empty seats from last night’s SmackDown Live surfaced online.

The arena was said to be only “30-40%” full. Last night’s Monday Night RAW also saw a rather poor attendance from San Jose, CA.

Here are some of the photos that some of the fans uploaded:


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  • Null Void


  • George DE ANIMAL

    Empty seats=BAD PRODUCT!! Vince, ALL YOUR FAULT!!

  • ScottyPNR

    They haven’t sold out a raw and SD in over 6 months. It’s questionable if they sold out after wm33. That’s probably the last time and honestly the only times they really sellout. Despite what they claim.

  • Philip Manley


  • NoGoodMickey

    That’s why they keep giving away free ppv quality matches.

  • Someo Nelse

    Obviously the arena was set like this.

    • Ortiz

      If that was the actual reason for this (which doesn’t seem at all likely), could you explain *why* they’d ever purposely block-off a large portion of the arena in this way? It makes no sense whatsoever that they’d ignore that many perfectly good seats, unless WWE just doesn’t want to make money anymore.

      Most likely this was due to very poor attendance. Thus WWE shuffled everyone to one side of the arena so it looked full and lively on television.

      • Omar

        ^ This. WWE, as well as many other companies who televise events do this all the time.

        Attendance must be REALLY bad lately. Of course nobody from WWE is ever going to admit this… not yet anyway.

      • Someo Nelse

        I was being sarcastic

  • Mr. Sinister

    Shit product will get you Shit attendance.

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