Spoiler Update on Asuka's Main Roster Debut

Spoiler Update on Asuka’s Main Roster Debut

PWInsider has confirmed rumors that Asuka will be making her main roster debut on the RAW brand. We indicated a few weeks back that the plan was for the former NXT Women’s Champion to debut on that brand. This confirms our reports.

In regards to her actual debut, it’s being said that WWE will be promoting her debut with a planned WWE Network Collection of Asuka matches, which will debut on the streaming service in October. This is around the same time she should be called up to the main roster.

Asuka is currently out of action with a right collarbone injury. She will be traveling to Japan for the SmackDown Live Events next week for a non-wrestling role.


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  • Dashing Lana

    WWE is just stupid. They recently made a poll asking US in which brand WE would like to see Asuka in with SD getting the higher percentage. Yet they still manage to go the other way around

    • NoGoodMickey

      They don’t want to put the only 2 Japanese people on the same show.

      • Dashing Lana

        Nonsense. She’s the only female Japanese

        • Jasonps3

          Huh? Shinsuke Nakamura = Main Japanese attraction for SD, Asuka = Main Japanese attraction for RAW. Makes sense to me.

        • NoGoodMickey

          I didn’t say Japanese female, I said Japanese people, read before you speak.

  • DM Hardcore.

    They can not have her and Charlotte on the same brand bc both are going to get major pushes as the top stars of each brand. Auska, bc it’s deserved, and Charlotte to set up her Ronda Rousey match. Plus it saves their inevitable showdown for the future. I’d rather Asuka go to SD, but I understand why she is not. Plus with her going to raw…. first Heyman Girl? Really want that.

  • Phill

    First Heyman girl would be epic

  • Ivan

    what’s the point of those polls if WWE ignores them ?

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