NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III Results - August 19 2017

NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III Results – August 19 2017

Bobby Roode Vs. Drew McIntyre, Aleister Black Vs. Hideo Itami, Asuka Vs. Ember Moon, and more on tonight's historic show!

Welcome to NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn for the third year in a row, and tonight’s card promises to continue the tradition of greatness!

Tonight’s main event sees Bobby Roode face his toughest challenge yet in the form of Drew McIntyre. Roode is as confident as ever, especially after laying out McIntyre last week with his Glorious DDT, however McIntyre is focused and pissed off. And even if Roode can get past McIntyre, he has a date with Roderick Strong coming soon! I think this will be a great match but I feel like Roode has had a really weird title run thus far. Roode has been on NXT so little that it makes him seem borderline Brock Lesnar-like. His last match on NXT TV was against Roderick Strong back in June and before that it was in March against Kassius Ohno. And in between those matches he rarely appears to cut promo’s, making him feel like the least involved Champion NXT has ever had. Compare that to his opponent, Drew McIntyre, who has had seven matches since debuting in April and other appearances in between. Maybe it’s just me but I think the Champion should be a much more focal point of the show, I like that NXT doesn’t feature the same stars week-in-week-out but Roode should definitely have been around much more often. Let me know if you agree!

Another huge title match takes place tonight with Asuka once again putting her title and undefeated streak on the line against Ember Moon. The challenger lost her chance to take part in a Fatal 4-Way months ago but has since recovered and, in her own words, Asuka has only made her stronger. I think tonight will be the end of Asuka’s reign but I hope I’m wrong. I’d love to see Asuka take her undefeated streak to the main roster and continue it for a while, however the torch usually passes on and I think WWE really want Ember to get that strap. I’d personally rather see Asuka hold onto the title and face the winner of the Mae Young Classic, possible Kairi Sane who Asuka knows from her Japan days.

In our third title fight in Brooklyn, The Author’s of Pain face SAnitY! On paper this match sounds like a car crash and in the ring it will probably reflect that. These two dominant teams were sure to cross paths at some point and here we are. This isn’t a feud that needs much explaining or backstory, just let them kill each other for our entertainment! I’d like to see SAnitY cheat to win the titles and gain some momentum for a team that has talked a lot and lost even more. Kinda like The Wyatts unfortunately.

Elsewhere on tonight’s show, Aleister Black faces Hideo Itami in a match that promises to steal the show and give us a new number one contender, and Johnny Gargano faces Andrade Cien Almas in a match to gain some momentum. This is a pretty great card, although I’d like to have seen Roderick Strong, Kassius Ohno and Ruby Riot get some action. Anyways, let us know what you’re excited for on the Ringside Talk app! Enjoy the show!


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  • blckhartx

    You heard it here first. Asuka reign will be ended by Shayna Baszler because reasons. Then Shayna Baszler will fade to nothing, and Asuka will still be around. Way to go with the short term booking WWE.

    • ScottyPNR

      There’s no point in having her lose at all at this point. Have her be a triple champion for 3 straight years. Raw women’s champion vs SD Champion vs.Asuka

      Triple title match WM 34
      to make it a decent match to kick off WM34
      Sasha Banks

      • blckhartx

        The main point on having her lose it now it to keep the NXT women division respectable. Instead of an actual wrestler we will now be given Asuka vs. Shayna Baszler (who I will know call the queen of crap) at the next NXT PPV with the queen of crap dominating Asuka just to build her up. She will hold the title until Brooklyn next year, and WM will have horsewomen vs horsewomen (Rousey and queen of crap vs prob Bailey and Charlotte).

        For as much as WWE wants to pretend UFC does not existed, Vince has a big hard on for it.

  • Danny

    Great show can we see a reformation of the kingdom

  • ScottyPNR

    Bobby Roode to the main roster. Drew Mcintyre is a terrible choice for champion.

  • Jmãx99

    Ember Moon winning would have been memorable

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