WWE Planning to Turn Jason Jordan Heel?

WWE Planning to Turn Jason Jordan Heel?

Dave Meltzer indicated in the latest issue of Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Jason Jordan may turn heel.

The belief is that if the original plan doesn’t pan out with Jason benefiting from a rub from Kurt Angle, they could have him turn on Angle. WWE could do a storyline where Jason made the whole thing up and that Kurt and the fans were stupid enough to believe it.

The feeling right now is that people don’t buy it the storyline but don’t care about it enough to hate it. If this continues, we may see a change soon.


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  • ScottyPNR

    That’s how they’ll end it ? LAF

  • Kyle Barbosa


  • daleh33

    I said a week or 2 ago that they will have him turn heel and go after Kurt, saying he abandoned Jason and now it’s payback time. After all, that’s what all illegitimate kids do in wrestling stories right? Except Hornswoggle being Vince’s kid.

  • Someo Nelse

    Honestly, did they really think that was going to interest anyone?

  • NoGoodMickey

    It’s all around bad. I say bring Gable over, keep them a tag team (it hasn’t been too long so people will forgive the split) and have Kurt manage them. BUT never talk about it again. Use it as a way to get Kurt managing and the team on raw but then NEVER talk about it again. That’s how WWE does things anyway. Then again, my idea might not be the best, so, shoot me something better.

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