Reason for Dolph Ziggler's Absence from SmackDown Live

Reason for Dolph Ziggler’s Absence from SmackDown Live

During the mailbag segment of today’s installment of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer was asked about the whereabouts of Dolph Ziggler and why he isn’t being used on weekly WWE programming.

Meltzer mentioned that Ziggler is working WWE Live Events right now and the company currently doesn’t have any programs for him to work. The belief is that the company isn’t pushing him so they have no reason to use him on weekly WWE programming.

Meltzer also noted that there are several other WWE Superstars that the company doesn’t have anything for, so they just aren’t being used.


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  • Simbas’ Sideline Report

    This sucks! Ziggler is so talented

  • Darrin Dalton

    They can still make use out of the superstars they don’t push, all they have to do is just not be too lazy to actually use them in between storylines. Another solution is to start making some multi man feuds instead of always one on one, it’s not that hard honestly. It’s because of the laziness from the writers & the suits that extremely talented superstars like Ziggler get wasted. :/

  • Brenin

    I think it’s time for Ziggler to do what Cody Rhodes did and bail out to try his hand on the independents once his contract is up. He’s been grossly misused for years and I give him the benefit of the doubt for sticking it out with one bad creative team after another. I’d love to see him in ROH or NJPW, but with his concussion history, that could hurt him with finding work if he went that route.

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