Possible Match for Next Year's Royal Rumble Event

Possible Match for Next Year’s Royal Rumble Event

Dave Meltzer speculated on Wrestling Observer Radio that Brock Lesnar may be facing Braun Strowman in a one-on-one match sometime this year. If the match doesn’t take place this year, it could take place early next year, possibly at the Royal Rumble. The match was original set to take place a few months back but Strowman suffered an injury and plans were changed.

Speaking of Lesnar, Meltzer also speculated that Lesnar might be pinning Samoa Joe again at SummerSlam since WWE looks to be protecting Strowman and Roman Reigns. It’s was previously reported that Lesnar isn’t leaving WWE as he’s scheduled for events after SummerSlam.


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  • Khalid Mobley

    Dang was hoping see Brock loss and I hope this speculation is fake news!

  • conan_kun

    So Brock gonna continues to hold the title after No Mercy then disappear until Royal Rumble next year.

  • NoGoodMickey

    Guys remember it was said in a certain way that if Kurt screws Brock they will leave. He said that if one of the opponents pins another opponent who is not Brock, they will leave. Meaning he will win or he will be pinned. Unfortunately that means he will most likely win.

    • L. Knight

      Unless he gets hit with the Spear, Powerslam and then passes out to the Coquina Clutch.

      • NoGoodMickey

        That’d be funny. Just destroy him lol

  • Amos Cheek

    I would rather they save this match for Mania.Brock is on his way out and it would be the best way to push Strowman to the top by pinning Lesnar clean for the title.

  • daleh33

    So then that’s a spoiler on who is winning Sunday. Brock will retain, hang around for another few weeks then bail take a well deserved vacation until the end of this year.

    • NoGoodMickey

      Ya, same thing different ppv huh?

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