Reason The Hardy Boyz' Deal with Anthem Sports Went Sour

Reason The Hardy Boyz’ Deal with Anthem Sports Went Sour

Sports Illustrated claims that The Hardy Boyz were willing to pay between $10,000 and $15,000 for the rights to the “BROKEN” gimmick. This same deal would have included a non-disparagement clause and the Hardys sending out a press release to end the conflict on good terms.

As the deal was approaching completion, Anthem Sports reportedly tried to pull a a fast one and wanted more out of the deal. One of the things they asked for was 50% of all Hardy revenue which including Jeff Hardy’s art and music. The Hardys saw this as a ‘monumental heist and money-grab’ and the deal was not made.

The plan now is for Jeff Jarrett to stall the agreement in hopes that The Hardys will give up pursuing the case.


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  • Ruben Perez

    I hope it’s worth the trouble bringing that gimmick to WWE.

    • ScottyPNR

      Doubt it. The gimmick is shit to begin with. The writers will just fuck it up.

      • WWE Champion Mr Maharaja

        Yeah I never understood the appeal of the gimmick. It would look even weirder in a WWE format.

  • Kaylyn Owens

    So much trouble for a gimmick WWE would probably screw up anyway.

  • That’s ridiculous

    Two things:

    1) The gimmick has run its course. It was fun for a bit but nothing that should stick around long term. The Hardys have been greatjust being themselves.

    2) I was pulling for Anthem to pick up the pieces of the TNA dumpster fire and create something worthwhile out of it. But going after a guy’s personal creations outside of wrestling, that’s low, even by wrestling business standards. I’m now on the F that Owl bandwagon.

    • Possible

      It’s stupid. They should’ve just taken whatever the offer was. There’s no dam gimmick without the hardys anyway, take what money you can get. I doubt whatever sales they run from previous items is gonna add up to this hassle, all pretty petty at this point

  • Ryzing_Terra

    It’s not just to use in WWE. Matt Hardy came up with the idea and it’s rightfully his. Wanting to get credit for Jeff Hardy’s music and art is a dick move and goes to show how low JJ is willing to go just to kerp it.

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