Jeff Jarrett Addresses Alberto El Patron Allegations During Conference Call

Jeff Jarrett Addresses Alberto El Patron Allegations During Conference Call

Jeff Jarrett held conference call today and addressed the allegations of Alberto El Patron’s domestic violence situation that he is currently involved in. Here are a few highlights:

  • Jeff Jarrett said the situation with Alberto is unfortunate. They are “digging into this matter”
  • Jarrett said he is picking brains of NFL and NHL coaches/personal regarding Alberto situation. It’s a case by case basis when dealing athletes.
  • When a caller asked if they were going to edit Patron off episodes of Impact, they snubbed the caller and moved on to the next question.
  • When asked about if the GFW title is currently vacant, Jarrett wouldn’t comment much on it as there is currently an investigation going on. He stated the title is the least of importance in regards to this situation.
  • Jarrett says he has been in contact with Alberto and his representatives. Jarrett says its a ‘priority’ to keep top guys with the company.”


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  • Patrick

    That’s like saying it’s a priority to keep a woman abuser

    • Nickfab88

      And substance abuser

    • Possible

      Still trying to figure out the “top guy” statement

    • Kaiser

      Sadly though, it IS a priority of a company to protect their high earners at all costs. That’s just the reality of it.

      If this situation gets you mad, do a little research about all the times WWE has done this. They did it with Stone Cold beating his wife. Vince personally and literally got Jimmy Snuka off for MURDERING his girlfriend, and kept him employed there for many years after, including a legend’s contract then for decades more.

      • Joshua Bosley

        I think in this case, gfw would be wise to just part ways with del Rio:
        – this would be a great pr move.
        -a move like that could give them some positive press and attention from inside and outside the wrestling world , that would be much needed.
        – he’s not a top earner, I don’t think gfw has one guy who moves the dial. he doesn’t sell tickets(tickets are free), and the ratings would be the same with or without him. So why protect him.

        I think the move that makes the most impact, see what I did there, would be to immediately release del Rio.

        • Kaiser

          I think they still will fire him eventually as more comes to light, so you should get your wish. A suspension for now will give them enough good PR.

          And “Top-earner” or not, he’s still a big name and does well for the company. That much doesn’t change anything.

  • Joshua Bosley

    Gfw probably can’t even afford to go back and edit del Rio out while he’s suspended.

  • Ivan

    fire el patron by having the LAX turn on him and injure him or stripping him of the title IMMEDIATELY and put it on someone different then try to hire Paige as a new TNA Knockout

  • Philip Manley

    Jeff need’s a good PR department

  • Amos Cheek

    It would cost them way to much to remove him from the already taped shows.Just editing him out of those shows would leave huge gaps in the program every week.I’m sure that they could fill the gaps,but it still cost money that they may not really have to spend.

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