Reason Summer Rae Hasn't Returned to WWE Television Yet

Reason Summer Rae Hasn’t Returned to WWE Television Yet

Summer Rae has been out of action since August after suffering an injury and is finally ready to return to action.

Dave Meltzer reported on today’s installment of Wrestling Observer Radio that Summer is ready to return and was backstage at television last week. It’s being said that the reason she hasn’t returned on television is because the company needs to find a spot to place her.

The feeling is right now that both RAW and SmackDown have enough active females so they need to find a place to write her in on television. It’s unknown which brand she will end up on. We will keep you updated.


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  • conan_kun

    Don’t they draft Summer to Raw during WWE Draft last year.

  • thestankiest

    Raw is just so jam-packed with action and storylines over its 3 hours I don’t know how they’ll squeeze her in.

    • Jonny Angel

      It is so jam packed and interesting that i usually fast forward my dvr for 90 % of the show 🙂

  • Iffy

    What a surprise, Creative Has Nothing strikes again!

  • Philip Manley

    Whose Summer Rae again????

    • Herb

      No clue, probably a new wrestler from the indies. I’m sure I heard that name through out the years, but never paid attention

  • Jonny Angel

    Summer, I have a place for you right here 🙂

  • joegvo

    I forgot all about her.

  • JasonP27

    If Asuka retains in Chicago they could use Summer Rae as a contender for the NXT Women’s Championship much as they did with Mickie James before she returned to the main roster. It would work to elevate Summer Rae even if she loses to Asuka (or wins but not the title… for example by DQ, interference etc). She can then move onto the main roster again and by then they will have found the time and place to squeeze her in. Otherwise she’ll go back to Raw as she was drafted there. There are plenty of ways to utilize her right now… such as a give her a good showing against Nia Jax before getting dominated and squashed. A match against Alexa Bliss or Mickie James could work as well.

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