Check Out Drew Gulak’s NEW Web-Comic – “For A Better 205 LIVE”

Drew Gulak is one of the most entertaining Superstars in the WWE today. The submission specialist from 205 LIVE has been adamant about his hatred of flips performed by several luchadors and other cruiserweights on the show.

Gulak’s hatred for flips has gone onto a new level because he’s released an entire comic book arc titled “For A Better 205 LIVE”. Gulak took to his Twitter handle to release a series of webcomic pages under this title.

Check out the entire webcomic here:












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See WWE Superstars Represent At The ESPY Awards

The Big Dog Roman Reigns and the Nature Girl Charlotte Flair were in attendance on behalf of WWE for ESPN’s (broadcast on ABC) annual ESPY award ceremony. Every year the ceremony celebrates the year’s best achievements in sports in both the professional and collegiate circuits. Charlotte even had the honor of presenting the award for best college athlete.

The former SmackDown women’s champion was also awarded the Cut’s Top 10 hottest red carpet looks. Can you blame them?

Also in attendance were the Ravishing Russian Lana and Mickie James!

Also here’s the future Universal Champion with his daugther. <3


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A.J. Styles Wears Old NJPW Mask on Tour In Tokyo

The Phenomenal One was more than happy to give the fans of Japan a little reminder of his New Japan run as the leader of the Bullet Club. During the WWE’s recent tour of Tokyo, the WWE Champion wore his famous New Japan mask to show love for his former faction brothers. This is the second time Styles has dawned the cloth, the first back in 2017 during an event in Osaka. (Styles was the United States Champion at the time.) See the image below, courtesy of @Kemurist on Twitter.


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Samoa Joe Finally Has A Smile On His Face

The Destroyer has a reputation for being a “stone-cold” killer, and his incredible facial expressions usually convey that with a smolder or a monstrous vein inducing rage assertion. However, even Samoa Joe can turn into a fanboy if he happens to run into the right wrestling legend.

Well…it happened.

That’s Samoa Joe with Japanese wrestling legend Shinjiro Otani, who was the first ever WCW World Cruiserweight champion, and a former IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Champion for New Japan. He continues to compete with Pro-Wrestling Zero-One (also in Japan) to this day, where he and Joe first met.



Several Interesting Names Backstage at RAW Monday Night

A number of former WWE Superstars were seen backstage at last night’s Monday Night RAW. These Superstars were actually filming for a new season of Edge and Christian’s WWE Network Show.

The list included WWE Hall of Fame couple Edge and Beth Phoenix, 2-time World Champion Christian, former WWE Superstar Funaki and as previously reported, NXT Superstar Kairi Sane.

Kairi Sane and Beth Phoenix were actually in their costumes for the roles they might play on the upcoming of the Network Show.