Andrade El Idolo made a comeback to WWE during this year’s Men’s Royal Rumble match. Since then, the former United States Champion would make his way from RAW to SmackDown and he even got to compete at Money in the Ban this week. In light of the match, Idolo has shown off some brutal welts from the bout.

During the Money in the Bank Premium Live Event, Jey Uso, Carmelo Hayes, Andrade, Chad Gable, LA Knight, and Drew McIntyre competed in the Men’s Money in the Bank ladder match.

The match was a high-octane spectacle, filled with thrilling high spots and intense action. Andrade electrified the crowd with a reverse Spanish fly off the ropes onto Carmelo Hayes, who was laid across a ladder on the mat, sparking “¡Sí!” chants from the fans.

Chad Gable ramped up the intensity, suplexing Drew McIntyre and Carmelo Hayes before driving Andrade through a ladder with another suplex, which elicited “You still suck” chants from the audience.


Hayes and Andrade ascended the ladder together, but Knight intervened, pulling at Andrade. Andrade then executed a sunset flip powerbomb on Hayes through a ladder bridged against the ropes. Chad Gable returned, delivering a German suplex to Knight through a ladder bridged between the ring and the announce table.

Just as Chad Gable was about to secure the win, Jey Uso pulled the ladder away, leaving Gable hanging until he had to let go. Uso hit a spear and reached for the briefcase, but McIntyre threw a ladder, hitting Uso in the face. With everyone else down, Drew McIntyre seized the moment and pulled down the briefcase, becoming Mr. Money in the Bank.

The Mexican Superstar took to Twitter and uploaded a photo of his back after the brutal match, revealing the massive welts that formed on his back due to the incredibly physical Money in the Bank match.

”Smile at the pain!!!”

We will have to wait and see what’s next in store for Andrade in the coming weeks, as he is currently the WWE Speed Champion and continues to be one of the highlights of WWE television.

Do you have more respect for Andrade after what he put his body through? Let us know in the comments section below!

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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