WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff is one of the most respected veterans in the pro wrestling business, with many considering his insights invaluable. He has been a vocal critic of AEW for the past few years and recently targeted Tony Khan for claiming AEW is bigger than WCW.

Last year, the former WWE executive called AEW a ‘vanity project.’ In fact, Easy E even repeatedly criticized AEW for having poorly crafted storylines and having matches for the sake of it.

While speaking to the Wrestling Observer Radio recently, AEW President Tony Khan claimed that AEW was bigger than WCW as he questioned when WCW ever did a $1 million gate, especially in New York.

”When did Eric Bischoff ever come to New York and do a $1 million gate? WCW never did a $1 million gate anywhere! Let alone in NYC!”


While speaking on Keepin’ it 100, Eric Bischoff responded to Tony Khan’s claims of AEW being bigger than WCW and not being able to get a $1 million gate. Eric Bischoff stated that Tony Khan is extremely insecure and very immature emotionally. He criticized Tony for constantly taking shots at WWE despite AEW being in a completely different league in terms of business. Bischoff likened it to opening a hot dog stand next to a high-end steakhouse and claiming to compete with them based on hot dog sales.

Bischoff pointed out that Tony Khan isn’t in the wrestling business but producing television shows and seems to crave recognition and makes statements comparing himself to WWE. Bischoff suggested that Tony’s behavior invites criticism and ridicule, stating that he brings it upon himself.

“Tony is extremely insecure. I think very, very immature—extremely immature emotionally, uh, immature individual. And he’s constantly—that’s why he can’t stop taking shots at WWE. Let me think about this for a second: WWE is in another universe when it comes to business than AEW. That’s like me opening up a hot dog stand in downtown New York a block away from a Ruth Chris Steakhouse and saying I’m their competition. I’m competing with Ruth Chris. I’ve sold more hot dogs today than Ruth Chris has in the last month. It’s because hot dogs aren’t on the menu. They don’t sell hot dogs; they sell steaks for like 140 bucks a pop. But Tony likes to think because he has a wrestling—he’s not even in the wrestling business. He’s not in the wrestling business anymore. He doesn’t tour. He does television shows.

He’s a television producer, and wanted that. But Tony, again, a little bit like Russo in that sense, wants to be recognized so bad, and that’s why he keeps making statements like that. It’s why he keeps comparing himself to WWE. It’s why he keeps taking shots at WWE and then crying like a little about tribalism and always being under attack. It’s because he says such stupid—it makes it, I don’t know, recreation to have fun, you know, pulling him apart publicly because he deserves it. He’s causing it.”

Bischoff’s opinions will likely stay negative until AEW rectifies the errors he mentioned and unless Tony Khan eventually changes as a person, which many fans feel might not happen anytime soon.

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