The Young Bucks are undoubtedly in a league of their own when it comes to the business aspect of the industry. However, they still continue to get a lot of hate in the business due to their personalities and what they represent. In fact, Eric Bischoff recently had some scathing words for The Young Bucks as well.

While speaking on the 83 Weeks podcast, Eric Bischoff talked about The Scissor Ace facing off against The Elite at AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door. Bischoff stated that if the match had been filmed for WCW Saturday Night back in 1992 and was a taped show, they would have either reshot it or chosen not to air it due to its poor quality. Bischoff emphasized that the Elite involved are supposed to be the best representatives of the company, yet the match was terrible.

Bischoff felt that the Elite didn’t care and didn’t even put in minimal effort, describing the match as so bad that it seemed like they “yelled it from across the parking lot.” He questioned if he was the only one who felt this way and sought others’ opinions, suggesting there might be something he missed.

“It was the s***. If we had shot that on WCW Saturday Night back in 1992, and it was a taped show, we would have either reshot it or not aired it. That was shit, horrible. These guys are supposed to be the best. These are representatives of the company where the best wrestle. That match sucked. They did not give a s***. They didn’t even phone it in—they yelled it from across the parking lot. That was so bad. Am I the only one? I want to hear what everybody else thinks. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe there’s something going on there I just didn’t see. But that match was horrible.”


Bischoff also criticized The Elite, suggesting they would be better suited for actual office jobs, such as learning to work a computer or getting coffee, rather than appearing on TV. He expressed confusion about The Young Bucks’ appeal, noting that they looked out of shape and their performance was sloppy. Bischoff concluded that their work was only slightly better than average, further highlighting his disappointment with their current state on television.

You put The Elite in an actual office job. Teach them how to work a computer, get coffee, or do some s*** in the office that actually is an office job because they suck on TV right now. I don’t know what the attraction is with these guys, but I didn’t see it tonight. They look like they haven’t been in a gym in six months. The work was sloppy. It was slightly better than average work.”

The Elite will continue to be a mainstay of AEW television and that is unlikely to change anytime soon. Regardless, many fans will likely agree with what Eric Bischoff had to say about The Elite in the end.

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